Digital Signage

Digital signage for corporate headquarters

Soluciones para sedes corporativas

Communication is the most important tool for maintaining and improving the performance of your team. By means of digital signage, you will achieve the objectives set and improve the working environment, motivating and transmitting the company's values. The regulations and protocols will always be in sight, ensuring the continuous training of workers.

QR codes

Provide your employees with links to your company's safety rules, surveys, internal communication channels and much more through QR Codes created in the Cactus CMS.

Manage all your screens from one single cms

With Cactus Signage you can program and send your designs to all your offices with a single click and from anywhere.

How does it work?

Manage all your displays from a single CMS
With Cactus Signage you can program and send your designs to all your shops with a single click and from anywhere.

Office-specific functions

- Immediate, dynamic and up-to-date information in common and private spaces.

- Employee attention and retention times superior to other communication channels.

- Become more sustainable and stop printing marketing campaigns and urgent notices.

- High responsiveness and flexibility. Content in multiple audiovisual formats.

- Separate audio player for background music and internal messages.

- Power other communication media: 

- Intranet, forums, newsletters, social channels, etc...

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